Biltworth is back
 with a new tool for musicians to take control of their sound: the Volume Control Unit, or VCU for short.

Whether it’s controlling the gain of your amplifier, boosting for solos or altering your dynamics with precision, the VCU is the device that will get it done. This isn’t just another effects pedal--Biltworth’s VCU is the next essential tool in your arsenal.

With conventional rocker-style volume pedals, players are forced to count on the action of their feet for accuracy. With the VCU, simple volume-up and volume-down controls allow for both precision and repeatability
. It’s your television remote control in pedal form. With a compact footprint, intuitive controls and a transparent signal path, the VCU will take your volume where it needs to go every single time.

VCU features include:

		Volume-up and volume-down buttons. Each button can be held down to rapidly sweep the signal

		Customizable sweep speed: set the speed at which your signal will be swept when the up-button or down-button is held

		Four volume increment settings, including a special kill-switch mode: set the amount that the buttons will increase or decrease your volume by

		9-volt operation using industry-standard “center-negative” power supplies

		Small  4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"  form-factor for busy pedal boards

Requires 9V DC center negative power supply, not included. Unit draws approx. 220mA

Volume Control Unit

  • You're going to love the VCU but if for any reason you're not satisfied, we provide a 14 day return policy. No questions asked.

    The following must be met to be eligible for a return:

    1. You are the original owner and can provide a proof of purchase.
    2. The item is returned in its original packaging.
    3. The item is free from any defects including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, blemishes, and other physical damage.
  • Our 1-year warranty also protects your VCU from any production defects. Please see Warranty page for full information.