The Team, The Mission, The Story




Hi there! I'm the jack of all trades guy here at Biltworth. I design and build products, manage our supply chain, direct sales, shoot photography, and more!


I have a Bachelors in Business Management from Colorado State University. I met Avi while I was Director of Operations at Slate Media Technology working on the RAVEN touch consoles. After that, I worked at SpaceX for 5 years supporting the Falcon 9 propulsion systems.


Hi folks! At Biltworth I lead much of the technical implementation for our products. That means prototyping, circuit design, board layout, software engineering… you name it.


Nick and I met while I was studying Electrical Engineering at UCLA, and I spent the last few years writing software at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco.


Biltworth is in the problem-solving business. That means novel invention, hunting for the most esoteric parts imaginable and endless hours making our creations just right.


We make products that we’d want to use ourselves, and that’s what motivates us to keep thinking, learning and building.


Nick and Avi aren’t your usual company cofounders. The two met while working together in the music industry, manufacturing mixing consoles for recording studios all over Los Angeles, and it wasn’t long before they started working on small electronics experiments in their homes.


As of 2019 the two have been collaborators for half a decade, and will continue to bring their wacky ideas to life for years to come.